The Self Love Challenge 13

August 11, 2015

I was nominated to do this by the wonderful Sophie from Petals of Perfection I recommend reading her post before this one.
I don't normally do tags admittedly but I really love the idea of this one! I think self-confidence is one of those issues that everyone has suffered with at some point in their life. I know it's something that I've definitely struggled with, and still do. It's difficult to not obsess over negative things about yourself and be happy or take pride in the positives.

So this post is my first personal post, and it's also a great exercise for us all to do, we should all try and focus on the compliments we get and the good things about ourselves. So I nominate you all (although I'm nominating 13 bloggers in line with the rules as well)

#TheSelfLoveChallenge 13

The rules?
1. You need to nominate 13 other bloggers
2. Write 13 good things about yourself, don't think about feeling selfish or big headed
3. Love yourself and feel beautiful while writing
4. Share the post with the hashtag #selflovechallenge13

*big sigh* Here are my 13 things.

  1. I have good skin - I get the odd spot of course but in general I'm pretty damn proud of my skin. I make lots of effort to take care of it and it's in good shape and nice and clear.
  2. I love my eye colour - I have browny hazey eyes and when I wear contacts they look really light and look an amber colour if the sun hits them which looks pretty.
  3. I take care of other people - I love helping people, if I have the option I will always try and help someone who needs it and I'll look out for others
  4. I'm ridiculous and I love it - I do silly things, I make silly mistakes and most of the time they're bloody funny. 
  5. I like having dainty hands - I make a running joke about how my hands and feet stopped growing 5 years before the rest of my body, but I like having delicate and dainty hands.
  6. I like my legs - obviously there's places we would all like to tone up or shed pounds, but I like my legs. They're the thinnest and nicest shape bit of my body and are nice and long.
  7. I love being creative - especially when it comes to things I'm good at. I love that I can come up with my own ideas and get inspired by so much
  8. I'm not too shabby at applying makeup - throughout blogging I've learnt so much about makeup application and I'm nowhere near makeup artist standard but I like seeing how much I've improved
  9. I love my cheekbones - the amount I save on contour products is an obvious bonus, I'm proud of loving my cheekbones as well.
  10. I don't take myself seriously -  I suppose this crosses over with number 4, but thinking of 13 is hard work! I love that I know how to laugh at myself and turn things into a joke.
  11. I'm hard working - If I'm going to do something I'm going to do it until I'm happy with it and not give up.
  12. I'm not too bad on the intelligence scale - I managed to get into law school and this far without my brain exploding.
  13. I'm me - and nobody else is.
Phew, that was actually difficult to write but it's a lovely feeling afterwards! Thank you so much Sophie for nominating me. I absolutely love the idea of this tag!
So the 13 bloggers I'm nominating are 
1. Tori - Tori Talks
2. India - Pretty Pale People
3. Bethany - Polished Couture
4. Olivia - Dungarees and Donuts
5. Jemma - Dorkface
7. Molli - Along Came Molli
8. Kayleigh - verryberrycosmo
11. Sophie - Sophie Etc
12. Heather -  Porcelain Beauty
13. Sorry (not sorry) for the cheesiness but if you're reading this you're nominated! Even if you don't have a blog it's a lovely exercise to do to realise how amazing you are.

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5 comentarios

  1. I love this so much! :) Thanks for tagging me lovely! <3 Its so lovely to see something so positive xx

    1. I know I'm so happy Alexandra came up with this tag! We all need some self love sometimes :) x

  2. Hello Catherine! Thank you so much for accepting the challenge! I am Alexandra the one behind this whole thing.( Can't believe how many people joined the challenge. When I clicked on your post and first saw your blog I was simply amazed. I think I've said OMG a thousand times :)) It's so gorgeous! And you are so pretty! So think about me as one of your biggest fans! Hope you have a lovely week!

    1. Hi Alexandra! I'll add your link into the post! It's such an amazing idea and I hope it catches on.
      Aw you're so sweet, that's such a lovely comment thank you!

  3. I love the final point! I always think its amazing how individual everyone is, so it's important to rock it :P
    Fabulous post lovely!
    Hannah x


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