intu Eldon Square Retailer Awards with Future Energy and Phoenix Taxis

July 16, 2015

If you're from the North East area you'll probably know all about Eldon Square, for those of you that don't it's the main fabulous shopping centre in the centre of Newcastle. If you've visited recently you might have noticed a few of the Retailer Awards posters (or you might have walked obliviously past them, but luckily you can read all about them here).

The awards mean that you can vote for your favourite retailer in Eldon Square - best womenswear, best customer service and so on and so forth. It takes all of a minute and the best bit is you get entered into a prize draw to win a £250 gift voucher for intu Eldon Square.

I really think these awards are a great idea, and let the shops that have really gone the extra mile for their customers the chance to be recognised. To vote you need to just visit this link and nominate your faves from the drop down boxes. 

I got invited by Sparkle Communications to find out what was going on and to hear all about the amazing sponsors of the awards.

Future Energy

Future Energy are a new environmentally friendly energy company that are all about the ethics. They offer services which make your energy bills fair and save you  money and offer smart energy meters (which if you're on a budget/care about the environment are absolutely fabulous). Signing up will give you the chance to find out all about them when they begin providing energy and don't worry, I can vouch for the fact that they won't spam you. 

Phoenix Taxis

As an easily excitable person I got so excited about this new app called Drivr
The best way to describe this is a local, greener (and friendlier) Uber. You can book a taxi, and pay through the app. You get to pick the car and the app will track the driver so you can see exactly how far away your taxi is while you wait which means they're reliable. 
The taxi drivers are all friendly and once you've booked a taxi you get a picture of your driver with their name, car and registration so you know who's going to be driving you (which makes me feel much safer when I'm hopping into a taxi).
All the cars are actually electric meaning if you're environmentally concious you can sleep a little easier. I really like this app, it's nice having a taxi service such as this concentrated in the North East and I can't wait for this to take off. Because I love the app (and you lovely readers) so much you can use this code: CBDBUC5 when you download which will give you £15 credit to use with Phoenix Taxis (so basically a few free taxi rides).

Let me know what you think of Future Energy and Drivr below and of course, who you're voting for!

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