First Ever Empties

July 27, 2015

Hello lovely readers!

The first ever empties post on Counter Pretty, how exciting (if like me, you're excited by anything...). Empties are my favourite types of post to read if I'm honest because if someone's actually used a whole product up they've definitely got a good idea on it, but I've never remembered to keep my empty bottles for an empty post (and I can't guarantee another post anytime soon because I'll likely continue to forget). However I finished a bunch of products in the last two weeks so thought it was high time I did an empties. A lot of these have also have reviews on them which I'll link to!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Agent Touch-Up Creme

 Oh I'm so sorry to see the back of this! I posted about this in my Haircare Saviours series because it was truly my go to product to fight the frizz and quite frankly still was until recently *cries*. If I was a having what I call a 'fluffy hair day' it would smooth it down into relaxed curls and stop my hard blow-dry work from going to waste.
I also found that it was an okay size to pop in my handbag so if I got caught in rain on the way to campus or work I would just smooth and scrunch this through and my problems were all solved. I admittedly don't think it actually does any good permanently but if  you're sick of the frizz attacking midday this is definitely something you should try. I'll be re-purchasing this one next time I'm in Boots.

Coconut Oil - Superdrug

While this didn't make the cut of it's own review it got the shared limelight of featuring in my Winter Essentials. This has been a staple in my beauty routine for quite some time. I use it as a moisturiser on really dry skin days and mainly as a hair mask where I just warm it up for 5 secs in the microwave and rinse off after 10-30 minutes and it leaves my hair feeling so good
One thing I will say is that I'll probably buy a higher end coconut oil next time round as this one is admittedly this one is mostly paraffin but that's slightly expected at such a bargain price.

Boots Natural Collection Vanilla Body Spray

Oh this gem! It's like 2 quid and is my absolute favourite body spray of all time! It lasts all day and is a great basic vanilla scent that you just can't go wrong with. If I could pick one scent to wear for the rest of my life it would be this one. I'm literally going to have to repurchase this tomorrow for about the 20th time.

Nivea Micellar Cleansing Water

This product is okay. That's it. There's definitely worse micellar waters out there but there's also definitely better. It was perfectly fine to take makeup off and clean my face but I think I'm sticking with Bioderma from now on as honestly I can't say too much about this one apart from it's adequate I guess. If you're looking for a budget micellar water this isn't half bad but I'd probably recommend the Garnier alternative.

Zelens Z Matrix Energy & Moisture Infusion*

Another one I'm really upset at finishing. I reviewed this here. It's such a gorgeous moisturiser and it's definitely really improved my skin's texture and made it appear so much brighter.

 One thing I've really loved is how it's a gel moisturiser rather than a cream. It means that it's really lightweight and sinks in to the skin almost immediately with absolutely no greasy feeling. If I could re-purchase this and had the money I would in a heartbeat however it's just above my current budget *cries more*.

Umberto Giannini Frizzi Styling Spray

My heat protection and styling spray of choice right now! It's a great styling spray for blow drying frizzy hair however I don't recommend you use it on dry hair as it says you can as it can be pretty sticky on dry hair. 
However on wet hair it gives a great finish when blow dried with heat as it leaves frizzy hair much less unruly and a lot softer. 
 I'm always a fan of Umberto Giannini's styling sprays but I currently have a bit of a build up of heat defence sprays to work through so I think I'm going to have to hang fire on a re-purchase.

Have you tried and finished any of these products? Let me know in the comments!

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