Eyeshadow for Hooded Eyes

July 15, 2015

 Hello there lovelies!
Today is hopefully another start of a series (I'm on a series roll at the moment!). This one is for all of you with hooded or deep set eyes. If like me you have these eye shapes most eyeshadow tutorials will not work nearly as well on your eyes and need to be adapted. I've included a whizzy tutorial as well as some tips and tricks for you.

 As an explanation I've given you a very quick look at my un-eyeshadowed eye in all it's messy brow glory. Hooded and deep set eyes have the problem that the upper lid covers over most of their 'mobile lid' (aka the bit that moves when you blink, from your lashline to your crease). Most tutorials tend to centre around putting colour into the crease. If you have hooded eyes anything applied into this area will just disappear and won't show off any of those flawless eyeshadow skills I know you want to show off.

The look I'm using to demonstrate my tips uses the Naked Basics 2 palette, however you can adapt it to pretty much any colour you want using anything you want. However as a general tip, matte eyeshadows look much more flattering on hooded eyes rather than shimmers. Shimmers bring the eye forward, if you apply shimmers onto your 'hood' it will make it look more prominent. This doesn't mean you should rule out shimmery eyeshadows all together just be a bit clever about using them.

 Sorry for the fuzzy quality - front camera was needed to demonstrate this. Basically anything under the pink line will be lost when I open and relax my eye.The pink line is just slightly above my crease, if I was to put a darker colour into my crease it would just be invisible.
The solution is creating a 'fake crease' by blending a dark colour up onto the hood of the eye - usually just above the crease but this will depend on individual eye shape.
First I've applied Frisk all over a primed eye up to just under the brow bone.
Then keeping my eye open I built up the shade of Primal.
To create the 'fake crease': look straight ahead into the mirror and relax your eye. Apply the darker colour (in this case Primal) onto the edge of the hood. Blend it down to the top of the crease to make it look more smooth.
Continue to build up the colour along the hood, focusing on pushing and blending it up to the start of the brow bone. I make the look a bit smokier by using Undone also above the crease in a fairly straight line which lifts the corner of the eye up and diminishes the hood.
This will look pretty dramatic when you're applying shadow with your eye closed but when you open your eye it will give the illusion of a less deep crease and a smaller, pushed back hood.
Highlight onto your brow bone (I used Skimp from Naked Basics 2) but keep it minimal to avoid making the hood prominent.

In a Nutshell Tips

  1. Try and veer more towards mattes for using up onto the hood.
  2. Push your eyeshadow up higher when applying than normal - remember most of your lid will disappear into your crease or hood.
  3. Relax your eye when applying so you can see where the hood or crease rests naturally - this means you know where to put your darker shadow.
  4. What looks dramatic with your eye closed might look okay when you open up your eye - make sure you keep checking where you're applying and blending up and out. Looking straight ahead with a relaxed eye in the mirror is the best way to check if you have it right.
  5. Don't blend the highlight down but keep it as close to the brow bone as possible
Hopefully you'll find these tips helpful! Let me know if you've got any other tips for hooded eyes!

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4 comentarios

  1. Brill tutorial! I have really hooded lids and tend to stick to darker colours and bring them lower down and into the corner of my eye so you still get the duo colour look. At least I have a few ideas on how to use my Naked 2 now!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you for your comment Rachael! I also do this but sometimes I want more dramatic looks into the crease! I hope it works for you! x

  2. This looks gorgeous! I don't have the Basics 2 palette, but it looks beautiful here!

    lillies and lipbalm

    1. Thanks Mel! You can use any eyeshadow really, I just use this for a day to day look most of the time :) x


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