35 Thoughts while shopping in MAC

July 07, 2015

  1. I am so poor why am I walking in here
  3.  *frolicks around all the lipsticks*
  4. *swatches all the lipsticks*
  5. Crap, must not touch anything with my now colourful arm
  6. Wipe please, wipe please, wipe please
  7. Why doesn't my face look like that when I'm at work
  8. All the make-up artists have flawless faces I definitely need more make-up to look like that
  9. Ugh, hey there mirror
  10. maybe some new foundation is in order
  11. And a new blusher
  12. And of course lipliners to go with my new lipstick collection
  13. Avoid limited edition
  14. Just don't look the pretty packaging in the eye
  15. *sighs* You looked didn't you
  16. Even the salespeople look judgy at how much you're buying right now
  17. ...but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, this collection might not even be here when you come here next
  18. Don't you judge me Miss Flawless Face
  19. Just don't add up how much you're spending, this will all be fine
  20. Hang on...
  21. Do you even need all this?
  22. This is adding up to more than rent!
  23. Ugh there's that mirror again 
  24. I definitely need all this
  25. Of course I have a profile with you
  26. Can you not tell by my fully swatched arm that I have some kind of addiction to make-up?
  27. La la la la la pay and don't look at the cost
  28. Ignorance is bliss
  29. Don't look at the receipt just walk away
  31. Go, go go
  32. Get out before you bankrupt yourself
  33. *sobs while looking at receipt on way home*
  34. *puts all the make-up on*
  35. *keeps the boxes for no apparent reason*

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1 comentarios

  1. Oh my god - I had such a giggle at this! For me I'm usually judged for buying just one item. It's like OH NO I so don't have the money for all of this.

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com


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