Urban Decay Naked Foundation Review

June 17, 2015

I'm always slightly wary when reviewing foundations just because everyone's skin reacts differently and needs different things so what I love in a foundation you might loathe and vice versa.

But I promised you lovely readers a review of this in my previous Urban Decay post so here it is. 

I was in desperate need for a lighter, less heavy foundation for summer which is why I picked this up at first. 
Urban Decay claim that this is a full coverage but still weightless foundation which evens out skin and has a blurring effect giving skin a 'retouched' look.

I got myself shade matched at the Urban Decay event and got shade 0.5 which is the palest shade in a pink undertone. UD came up with a shade system so shades that are .5 have a pink undertone and shades that are .0 have a more yellow undertone which makes it a lot easier to get a shade that matches your skintone. Also I can vouch for the fact that this definitely gets pretty pale on the spectrum so does of you who have the pale problem shouldn't have a problem with not getting a pale enough shade.

UD claim that the best way to apply it is to use their Optical Blurring brush but as I'm on a student budget I couldn't afford the brush as well, however I've been using my Moxi flat top brush and it stills buffs out perfectly, so basically any dense buffing brush would probably do the job. I would definitely recommend staying away from a flat standard foundation brush when using this as it needs some buffing effort to get it looking smooth and natural. 

While it does take some effort, once blended I really love the end effect, it gives a soft finish to the skin. The coverage is full although not very thick, it's pretty buildable though but I find one coat enough to give a decent coverage and I can barely feel it on my skin as it's so light. 

Admittedly the finish is dubbed demi-matte but the soft finish can turn into a sheen that needs patting down with a powder after 5/6 hours wear so if you suffer from very oily skin it might not be the foundation for you without some heavy powdering. Wear time is average, but to be honest I've never found a foundation that stays completely flawless all the time and this shapes up pretty well in my foundation history. 

So what's the final verdict?
I really love this foundation, admittedly it's pretty pricey but lasts well and I love the finish so much. It's one of the few foundations I've tried that really do smooth out the skin and cover all the imperfections and blemishes without feeling like I'm clogging up my pores and making my skin worse.
If you fancy finding out more about the product you can take a visit to the Urban Decay site.

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  1. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this foundation when I purchased it last year. I do use it with the Optical Blurring brush (which I happened to have before buying the foundation...can't remember why) but I have found cheaper alternatives, such as the Shany Mineral Foundation brush which looks really similar and works just as well. :-)

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