June Favourites

June 29, 2015

So I love me a good favourites post, and now Counter Pretty is a whole year old without any favourites post which is just absolute madness and here you go my lovelies! What is hopefully the start of a monthly favourites series! Let's get started, get yourself comfy, get a cuppa/glass of wine and get a'reading..

1. Benefit Roller Lash

 So first up is Benefit's Roller Lash. I'm not going to lie, at first I was a teeny bit sceptical of this. I recieved this as a mini freebie at a Benefit brow bar and Curl's Best Friend event and I was absolutely amazed by the results. It literally gets rid of the need for eyelash curlers and makes my eyelashes look incredible! This is great at lengthening and curling the lashes while adding just enough volume to really open up the eyes and give fluttery lashes without clumping or flaking. While I loved They're Real I found at the end of the day the mascara was very hard and flaky and I fully expected Roller Lash to have the same consistency but it's actually really light and doesn't flake at all. I'm going to have to purchase the full size when I run out of this in the next week or so because it's became a complete regular in my makeup bag.

2. Benefit High Beam

 Next is this little gem of a highlighter. I've had this a while but it got neglected quite a bit and I dug it out the back of the make-up draw a month or so again and remembered why I loved it so much. The pale pink shade is literally the perfect shade highlight for me due to my cool toned pale skin. I also find shimmery highlights a bit too much in a daytime makeup look which is why I've started featuring this heavily in my daytime makeup bag and routines. I love how subtle this can look and how blendable it is.

3. Urban Decay Basics 2

 What a beaut of a palette this is. This literally is used every day and I always take it with me if I go travelling anywhere, especially if it's a quick overnight trip and I want some simple eyeshadows with me as it's dinky enough to fit in my make-up bag. Admittedly if you're looking for a flashy palette with unique colours this isn't for you. But I love it for a day time eyeshadow look (recently I've been loving creating a light and neutral smoky eye that I can darken up for an evening look.
If you're looking for a simple palette with essential and versatile shades then this is for you. The shade Skimp (far left) is great for a highlight, Primal is also a very good match for my brows which means I get so much use out of one palette and the quality of the shadows is so good that it's definitely worth the money!

4. Boots Natural Collection Mango and Papaya Body Spray

 I have a love, and I mean love for the Boots body sprays that knows no bounds. They're about £2 and they have a great range of scents so there's something for everyone. In winter and autumn I love the vanilla version of this but I picked this up on a 3 for 2 offer last year and completely fell in love for it as a daytime summer scent. It's really fresh and fruity, not really a scent for a night out or evening but for day to day life it's my fave scent to just spritz on. These sprays are completely underrated, I find that they definitely can last pretty much all day as well and I've owned pretty much all the collection at some point in my life although this is my favourite for summer.

5. Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk

I've been uuhming and aahing about this cleanser for quite a while. On the one hand it makes my skin look great and really clear and is great at removing make-up but there's been something I just can't put my finger on that I'm not sure I like about it. After a while I realised it's the scent, it smells ever so slightly of peaches, but not the synthetic peach smell I expected but more the actual smell of peach juice but it also smells quite 'chemically' (it's a word, no judging) in a way kind of similar to a Nip + Fab cleanser and it's a bit overpowering. Nevertheless, this is great as a cleanser and my skin looks super clean and I love how easy this is to use.

6. Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation 

I've recently reviewed this if you want to know exactly why it's in my favourites list. When hot weather kicks in (as it seems to be for our annual 4 days of sunshine) I've been struggling to find a foundation weightless enough or a BB cream light enough to get a lighter summer base. Most days I tend to skip foundation in hot days but if I find I really need it this is what I'm reaching for. I've never had a foundation that feels so light and weightless, once it's applied I literally can't feel it at all. It's really been my favourite summer base, especially for summer nights out.

6. Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Eau de Toilette

 I'm just in love with fruity scents this summer clearly. I've reviewed this last year when I recieved it for my birthday. I just can't get enough of the scent, it's completely delicious and I tend to use this as an evening and daytime perfume as it's a really long lasting scent and I can't describe just how amazing this smells! I'm devastated this was discontinued but I've spotted it in a few outlets if you want to try your luck!

7. W7 the Honey Queen Bronzer

I'm not really a bronzer girl, I'm so pale that most bronzers look a teeny bit stupid on me but I've recently been using this as a blusher for a golden flush for a summery look. This is a pretty close dupe for Sugar Bomb by Benefit (maybe less pink toned) and is a lovely light, shimmery honey toned bronzer. Kind of rubbish for contour but if you fancy a golden flush for summer this is definitely something I'd recommend. Another regular feature in my summer make-up!

8. Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan

I'm sorry fellow pale people. I cracked and picked up a fake tan to go on holiday with.
Anyhooooo, I was fully expecting to go looking like a satsuma but I was surprised with how natural this turned out. It has both instant and developing tan in. I've found that applying the tan at night and then washing it off in the morning gives such a lovely natural tan (it's a bit dark upon first application for my skin tone) that lots of people commented saying it looked natural (if they hadn't known I was so pale and immune to sunlight originally they wouldn't have guessed a thing). I've never found a tan that suits pale skin so much! It just looks so subtle and the instant tan means it's virtually impossible for streaks to be a problem and it even comes with a mitt to avoid orange palms. Well played, Fake Bake...well played.

And there you have my June favourites (or probably better named my June regulars). Please let me know in the comments what you think/ if you want a full review of any of these products!

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6 comentarios

  1. Definitely need to purchase the Naked Basics 2 palette x

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.com

    1. I would really recommend it, I use it pretty much every day so it's definitely worth the money as it's really versatile :) x

  2. I really like Peaches and Clean too :) I want to try the UD Naked Skin Foundation soon and Roller Lash will definitely be coming on holiday with me! Great picks xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. It's a good little cleanser! I picked it up as I needed one desperately and fancied something new but I really love what it does for my skin :) I would really recommend the foundation it's just so lovely and light!
      Roller lash is just amazing, it didn't melt off or anything when I was on holiday either :) xx

  3. Love a good favorites post :)
    Never tried Fake Bake, I´m so pleased with St. Tropez.. But as a girl loving her fake tan there´s nothing wrong with trying out new brands. Always been wanting to test it out:D
    Would love to see a review swatch of the Naked foundation, unless you've done it already *will have a quick search on your blog* :D
    Don´t know why I haven´t got the Naked basics yet, it is simply amazing! xx

    1. I would recommend Fake Bake, I'm a convert from St Tropez!
      Hopefully your search found the review if not it should be linked in the post above lovely :)
      It's such a great little palette, I don't know how I lived without it I use it almost every day :)
      Thank you for your comment :) x


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