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June 04, 2015

Oh how I love to find a new brand to fall in love with! Forever Living is a brand that releases products over a whole range of areas all focused on healthy living and the wonder that is Aloe Vera. The business works by giving people the opportunity to start their own Forever Living business from home and sell the products, when my friend's sister started hers up I jumped at the chance to review them and she provided me with a whole box of things to try out for a bit.

The Aloe Lotion is the signature product and the one I tried out first. I have a massive hoard of body moisturisers which I never use because quite frankly I've never felt that I needed them and I just end up a sticky mess. I gave this a go and found it so much better than other body lotions I've used. It's so light and sinks in after less than a minute. It's great for irritated skin or for cooling on a hot day or as an after-sun. I also love me a multi-purpose product, and this is suitable for face, body and hands and works well on all 3.

Another great multi-purpose product. This soap is great for use all over the body, as a hand soap or as a face soap. I absolutely loved it for no make-up lazy days when I wanted a mild cleanser and not to faff around with 3 different products although I much preferred the cleanser for days when I wore make-up and needed a deeper, more heavy duty, cleanse. If you have kids this is a great addition to the bathroom as it's so soothing for sensitive skin and easy to use.

Face scrubs are something I kind of struggle with as I feel like they tend to irritate my skin and aren't worth the red and dry skin afterwards. However after using this I felt like my skin was moisturised. The scrub is basically aloe vera gel with beads of jojoba oil to exfoliate and I found it didn't irritate my skin at all and I didn't get that tight dry feeling afterwards, this is a product I definitely want to re-purchase as I feel like I might have found my solution to my dull skin problem without causing the dreaded exfoliation rash.
 Skincare combined with first-aid, this is another must for those with kids. I used it on a rash I tend to get on my arm when stressed and it was actually so soothing and stopped me scratching for ages and left it feeling significantly more moisturised. Although admittedly the relief was temporary it's a handy bottle to have around and so useful to apply for irritated sore spots for those with skin problems.

The Aloe lotions heavier sister, this is a great cream for skin that needs more intensive moisturising and I personally loved used it as a night face cream. It works amazingly during the day as well and is designed to counteract environmental factors which clog up skin such as pollution. If you're a fellow city girl (or boy of course) this is a great moisturiser for you and another one I'll be re-purchasing.
 HOW have I lived without this in my life so far? I've been cursed with cranky, out of line joints due to dancing/bad genetics and they always get a horrible ache after the gym, so I decided to give this a go after a heavy gym session on my poor ankles. It worked an absolute treat and really soothed the pain and also sore muscles the next day. It's warming but doesn't feel like prickly like most heat lotions do, instead it feels soothing and the heat really penetrates into the muscles and relaxes them when you massage the cream in.
 Probably my favourite product I got to try out was the cleanser. It just melted make-up away and left my skin feeling refreshed and clean. Usually even non-drying cleansers still need a moisturiser to make your skin feel soft however the jojoba oil and vitamin C left my skin feeling soft and nourished at the same time and I was completely in love with this while using it. Another definite re-purchase for me and if you struggle with combination skin I would really recommend this. It's great for washing off grease while not making dry areas worse.

Complete sun burn saviour! This is a moisturising and completely soothing solution that feels great when sprayed directly onto sun burn. It's also great following the Heat gel post-workout as it's cooling. It's also good for skin generally as a moisturiser and is great for after shaving or waxing for soothing the skin and restoring moisture.
Strangely enough I hadn't thought until trying this that Aloe would be good for hair either but the combination of the shampoo and conditioner left me with amazingly soft hair. Like wonderfully swishy soft hair and the shampoo is moisturising while still deeply cleaning the hair. It's a concentrated formula meaning only a small amount is needed to thoroughly clean the hair. 
The conditioner I absolutely adored, usually conditioners weigh down my hair and take forever to rinse out while this left my hair silky but not heavy, meaning i could get volume and not have limp hair as a compromise for soft hair. I definitely found that my split ends were much less noticeable. 

I'm so in love with this brand and so grateful to Lisa for giving me the opp to review this. If you're interested in any products (there's a massive range) go to this link or contact me so I can pass you onto her if you want to know more info!

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