Sciencey skincare - Zelens Z Matrix Energy & Moisture Infusion Review*

May 25, 2015

Recently I've been seeing a complete turn in my skincare approach and I'm suddenly discovering high-end products that are worth the hype and their price-tag. Z Matrix is a prime example of this.

I was given this by Clare Forde PR to review and was pretty impressed when I first researched the brand. Zelens is the brain child of Dr Lens, a leading doctor in the area of skin care, skin ageing and skin cancer he's a leading plastic surgeon and behind a lot of sun damage research. So this isn't a brand that puts no thought behind it's ingredients, this is a brand which has products with cleverly thought out and researched ingredients backed by clinical results. The brand bases it's products around plants and if you visit here they have lists of all their key ingredients and their properties (which as someone very concerned with what ingredients go onto my skin, I love).

So clearly the idea behind the brand is fairly impressive and the moisturiser had a very high standard to climb up to.

*pause for dramatic effect*

I was so not disappointed by this!

This moisturiser claims to moisture and nourish skin, leaving it super soft and looking much less dull, this is one of the only skin care products where I've noticed improvement in my skin almost straight away. I applied it first at night and when I woke up in the morning my skin felt amazing. It felt moisturised and smooth without feeling greasy or like a layer of moisturiser was stuck to my skin and my skin seemed much brighter already.

I find a massive turn off for lots of moisturisers to me is that icky greasy film they can leave, especially ones for overnight use however the Energy and Moisture Infusion actually feels quite refreshing on the skin as it's less of a cream and more of a cool gel that sinks into the skin straight away and isn't at all sticky.

It's quite cooling and I find it feels soothing especially when I use it after ex-foliating when my face is angry at me.

So all in all this is a miracle product but there is one massive let down for me, The price. A tub of this sets you back £85. Admittedly it is long lasting but personally I couldn't afford to spend this much due to my budget/student loan limitations. I understand why the price is high as there's clearly a lot of research put into the product and the ingredients are so well sourced and if I had the money available I would jump at the chance to purchase this again as I love it so much and is a truly amazing product with a truly amazing background (and if you have the money available I really reccommend you do) however for people on a budget this may not be the product for you (but put it on the wishlist just in case ey?).

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