Exam Stress Beauty Saviours

May 23, 2015

Exams are bad for you. They send stress levels through the roof which just isn't good for your body, health or anything really.

Now I'm on the other end of a month full of hell/exams I thought I'd compile a list of products that get me through exams (beauty wise at least).

The first is Boots own brand dry shampoo. I prefer Boots own to brands like Batiste as I find it is easier to apply evenly and has less of a grey roots effect. 
Dry shampoo (whichever brand) is a lifesaver when you just can't face a full hair wash before dragging yourself to the library and also a massive time saver for a quick hair fix when you're busy cramming the night before.

Stress is absolutely awful for your skin, the hormones that are released when you're stressed cause absolute havoc and usually result in break outs, dull skin and dry skin. So I find it helps a lot if I update my skincare routine. To cleanse throughout exam period I've been using Bioderma and I've been loving the Sebium range as it's great for a thorough cleansing and reducing break outs. It's also ridiculously quick to use, as quick as face wipes but much much better for your skin. Meaning when you're running low on time/can't be bothered you can quickly sweep this over.
To tone/brighten my skin I've been absolutely loving Alpha H Instant Facial*, yet again it's a really quick fix product with just one spray needed but is still a miracle in a bottle which I raved about in my review.
For moisturising I've been using Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet, which is a gel like moisturiser which is refreshing and moisturising. A great moisturiser for combination skin or those that struggle with spots alongside dry and dull skin.

Sometimes you just need to take some time for yourself when revising, if you're at uni it's probably you don't have a bath, so I've been loving these Nip + Fab body washes, particularly the Detox Blend or the Destress Blend. They're refreshing and relaxing and smell amazing. Perfect for a more luxurious and relaxing shower while still leaving you feeling refreshed.

Treat yourself! Revision can be manic and sometimes it's good to take some time out for yourself sometimes. You'll always need some me time even when you're piled under a ton of work. These Models Own Hyper-Gels are my favourite nail polishes at the minute. They last ages and have such a lovely effect, meaning that a quick manicure can give you lasting nails that give you a break from revision and a confidence boost (because on point nails make everything better).

In the immortal words of Maisie Williams, slap on some red lipstick and you look much more put together. If you're feeling frazzled and want a quick put together make-up fix slapping on some statement red lips will make you look more made-up in a minute.
This is Topshop Lips in Hazard which is a bright but deep fire engine red.

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2 comentarios

  1. I hope your exams went well :) I love the Body Shop Vitamin E range but I haven't tried this one! I love anything that makes my skin look a little less dull xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. They went okay thank you, just so glad they're over! This is my favourite from the range, I really struggle with dull skin as well :) x


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