Alpha H Instant Facial Review*

May 22, 2015

The lovely ladies at Clare Forde PR really know a good skincare product when they see one!

I was given the Alpha H 'Instant Facial' to review. I'd heard a LOT about Alpha H as they've been hitting the blogosphere hard since last year, and lots of my most loved beauty guru's have been raving about their Liquid Gold range and their moisturisers. I hadn't heard of Instant Facial so was really interested to try it out.

I had high hopes for this product after reading the website and press release, it seemed like some all round miracle worker and I was kind of confused as to how this little bottle of solution could save my skin so much.

The product is easy to use, either spray directly onto the face (with closed eyes, obviously) or onto a cotton pad and sweep over the skin. I prefer to spray it straight onto the face and let it settle in.

After the first few applications I didn't see all that much of a difference, I felt a small tingle when I put it on but didn't see much noticeable difference although my skin was in pretty good shape so that could be why.

A few weeks in I was definitely seeing a difference with this in my skincare routine, I got a lot less blemishes and any that did crop up died down a lot faster than normal.
I also felt like my skin was much smoother and I didn't feel the need for a face scrub as much as my skin was much less flaky and dry due to the chemical exfoliating nature of the solution.

It's already a fairly intense solution but if you need a stronger effect skipping moisturiser afterwards can help, although I would only do this once or twice as it can make your skin a bit tight in the morning. If you need an exfoliating boost though and ensure you pop on an intensive moisturiser a few hours later/in the morning it's a good quick fix.

It's pricey at £37 a pop, this is a high end product but I stand by it and will be repurchasing once this bottle runs out I will definitely be re-purchasing. My skin has improved so much with this in my routine so I can't recommend it enough! The Instant Facial is my new skin saviour!

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