Skinature Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood Firming Serum

August 29, 2014

To the last of my Skinature reviews (although definitely not least) is the Skinature Firming Serum. Yes I know that at 19 I don't exactly need an anti-aging product however like most of Skinature's products this has multiple uses and can be used to moisturise, heal and tone your face and it's also able to be used as a primer as it smoothes over the skin.

I've been using this after the face cream morning and night and using it instead of a primer in the morning and it definitely makes my base makeup smoother and easier to apply.

I can't comment on the anti-aging effects as of yet (give me a few years first) but this does make my skin feel really nice. I think it compliments the face cream really well. It's also another product for those of you with tempermental  or sensitive skin due to a very special ingredient 'Comfrey Extract' which has been used for herbal medicines in the past and has cell repairing properties meaning it's great at keeping skin looking young and healthy.

I'm sure that using this has helped the redness on my cheeks as I'm now pretty much blemish free where before I had red patches. Sandalwood is a great ingredient for soothing and calming skin as well as hydrating it making it amazing for younger skin that needs some extra moisture and soothing as well as more mature skin.

Again this smells amazing but won't irritate due to all the fragrance coming from natural oils and not synthetic perfumes.

This is also amazing to apply as it kind of melts when you rub it in and doesn't feel sticky or greasy like a lot of other primers and serums do which again makes it great for applying before makeup application.

Price wise this is the priciest of the 3 products I picked at £35. This really isn't that much of a product for those on a budget sadly. Again the product goes a long way and spreads out really well but isn't going to be in everyone's price range. However compared to many anti aging creams that cost a LOT of money this isn't that high compared to comparable products.

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