Skinature Jasmine Flower Bath and Body Oil

August 29, 2014

Continuing on with the Skinature reviews (read the post on the event here. Next on the line up is the Jasmine Flower Bath and Body Oil.

I hold my hands up and say that I'm a bit of a sucker when it comes to oils, be it for bath, body or hair. I fell in love with Coconut Oil and I fell in love with Argan Oil and I have definitely fell in love with this product too.

I love a good multifunctional product as in my mind it's a money saver and this oil can be used for skin and for baths and for hair. The Jasmine Flower Oil is actually a mixture of oils (grapeseed, argan, jojoba, evening primrose, almond, avocado, ylang ylang and orange oil and jasmine absolute to be precise) and the only other things are natural preservatives and actual dried jasmine flowers that float around, this means that the fragrance isn't synthetic but comes from real jasmine flowers and it smells heavenly.

I've only used this in a bath once as if I'm honest I'm more of a hop in the shower person. But it was an amazing bath when I did! The jasmine flower infusion makes it smell so amazing and it does good to your skin while you bath making it feel hydrated and moisturised as soon as you step out.

As I'm a shower person I've been using this as a body moisturiser after my shower. It's well known that oils are great as moisturisers (even Beyonce says so, that's enough proof for me) and this is definitely one of them. However unlike baby oils this oil sinks straight into the skin. No sliding around and waiting for it to dry before going anywhere near clothes.

This is again due to the ingredients, there's no filler in the oils like paraffin. As the product is entirely natural oils it's designed to sink into the epidermis and dermis skin cells (hey get me being all scientific) and your skin immediately feels softer and healthier.

Yet again the Skinature Oil is great for sensitive skin and has improved the rashes I had on my shoulders.

My main use for this product is as a hair oil. If you're a regular reader (and if you are I love you) you'll have noticed my haircare saviour series as I have very thick, long, dry curly hair so anything that helps me tame it is a miracle worker in my book.

This has replaced my usual bottle of Moroccan Argan Oil in my haircare routine. Two pumps of this rubbed into my hair keeps it looking healthy and frizz free all day. Most people will probably get away with one pump as a little does go a long way here and the bottle is fairly large at 100ml. The added bonus is that it smells so much better than most hair oils due to the real jasmine flowers floating around.

You can take a look at what Skinature has to say about it here. Again this isn't the cheapest of products. However many body and hair oils are on the pricey side and I'm reassured by the fact I'm paying for the actual oils and not just half oil half chemical filler that does nothing for me.

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