Skinature Event- Prepare Yourselves For A Rave

August 22, 2014

Yesterday evening the lovely ladies from We Are Sparkle PR invited me to a lovely event with the skincare brand Skinature. There weren't many bloggers attending so I felt slightly honoured to be invited!

We started off with a lovely networky chat amongst ourselves while we sipped some lovely healthy drinks (and a few cakes might have been slipped in there). Then we met the wonderful Marva, the creator of Skinature and this is how everything I thought I knew about skincare changed.

I feel the need to put a slight disclaimer in here, I'm going to be raving about Skinature from now on, not because they invited me to an event and gave me cake (although that is the way to a girl's heart) but because I have completely fallen in love with the brand and their products.

Marva gave us a talk about her brand, the products and general skincare and she was amazing. It didn't feel like I was being sold a product, it felt like she knew skincare inside and out and was teaching us all about it.

Skinature focuses on natural products. Completely natural. Like, grow it in your garden natural. Through the event we talked about how lots of brands these days claim that their products are 'natural' and 'full of essential oils' when actually they aren't really as natural as we think they are and tend to be filled with petroleum, parrafin and paraben. I didn't use to think much of these products when I saw them in skincare ingredients until Marva pointed out that these chemicals are essentially "the dregs of a petrol tank". For me this was a bit of an eye-opener. 

Skinature is COMPLETELY FREE from all of these petro-chemicals. Their products are made from natural oils and goodness and not just half oils half petrol. 

Under EU law, companies have to put the latin name of the ingredients on the bottle, which to me looks like a long list of long words, however Skinature put the common name of the ingredients next to the latin one. So I can now see that Ceratonia Siliqua (which sounds very chemically) is actually natural Locust Bean.

What also gave me confidence that this was all natural, was that Marva could incredibly, reel off the list of oils that were in each product and tell us why these were useful and what properties they had which could help our skin. I doubt if I went up to Simple skincare (hypothetical example) and asked what each ingredient did for me I would get the same answers. 

Also Skinature is transparent. Their brand is completely no-nonsense. They don't use fancy marketing and fads to persuade you to buy their products. No fancy expensive packaging. No hot-shot investors trying to get more for their money. They make skincare products because they're passionate about skincare, they want people to buy their products because they want to challenge the big brands that pour crap into their products. Marva was so passionate about skincare that she answered all of our questions no problem, anything from eczema to redness to dermatitis was no problem for her.
She also talked about the multi-functionalness of her products, how we could mix the creams with water to make cleansers (even though she sells cleanser herself) how we could use her bath oils on hair and skin as well. Which to me also showed that she was passionate about skincare, not just selling us lots of different products.

Skinature are also focussed on ethical skincare. So this means no animal testing, recyclable bottles and ethically made products.

So obviously the brand seems pretty amazing, but then we got to try the products and I was blown away again. They definitely lived up to the talk that Marva gave. All the products sink into the skin, leaving you with no sticky or greasy skin afterwards. The natural oils sink straight into the skin cells leaving your skin feel soft, but not product filled, no matter how many layers you piled on.

We got to pick 3 of our favourite products to take home and test which proved really hard for me and Tasha from Hello Freckles because it was all so lovely! 
I also snapped a few pictures of the products so you could see the ones that I couldn't pick. Which were the Nurse's Hand Cream, Gardener's Hand Cream, Rose Geranium and Argan Oil Therapy, Lavender and Argan Oil Night Therapy, the Toner and the Rose Oil and Goat's Milk Soother. Which were all absolutely amazing products that I would've all brought if I could! I definitely recommend taking a look over at Skinature's website which will be linked at the end!

I personally picked up the Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood Firming Serum, the Evening Primrose and Apricot Oil Face Cream and the Jasmine Flower Body Oil (with real jasmine flowers in). 
I'll be posting full and individual reviews of each of these in a week or so after I've given them proper testing. But after use last night and this morning, my skin already feels amazing! 

Please go and check out Skinature at their website: as I honestly think that this brand deserves some recognition and I may have to nab myself some more products soon.

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  1. It was lovely to meet you, your blog is so pretty!

    1. Thank you! It was lovely meeting you too lovely :) Thank you! Love from Be gave me a blog makeover so it's all down to her! :) xx


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