Skinature Evening Primrose and Apricot Oil Face Cream

August 29, 2014

Last week I wrote a post on the Skinature event which you can read about here.
If you read that post you'll know that I was completely converted to the ways of natural skincare and I was very impressed by the products we tried and the brand in general. Lucky me got to pick three products to try and review and after testing them all out here are the promised reviews!

So to start off I'm going to let you into a little secret (and by little I mean a mahooooosive revelation) that Marva let us into at the event.

You can mix moisturiser with water and it makes cleanser...

I know it doesn't sound that big of a deal and in a way it makes sense as many cream cleansers have the same ingredients as moisturiser but I was still a bit sceptical of this and decided to try this for myself. Marva was so so right, I've been using this both as a cleanser and a moisturiser and my skin has never looked better!
I basically use a pump of the cream and pour water on my hand and swirl them together and then rub into my skin. Rinse it off and my skin is squeaky clean and refreshed and all my makeup is off. MAGICAL.

So not only does this make a pretty good cleanser, but I have absolutely loved using the moisturiser.

I don't need to use all that much for my entire face as a little goes a long way. A pump or two is enough to do my face completely fine. Unlike most moisturisers where you have to sit around for it to dry on your face and it feels sticky for a while, this literally melts into your skin due to the fact it's completely made up of skin friendly natural oils which Skinature helpfully name in the ingredients list.

One of the big tests for me was whether it would really hold up to the claim that this can go over any type of skin and help with redness. I have some blotchy red blemish things over my cheeks which tend to shine through foundation and blushers but these have been massively reduced after using this ( they pretty much aren't visible anymore) and my skin was noticeably softer after first use. After a week of use my skin has visibly improved and looks clearer and healthier as well as feeling a lot cleaner and better cared for. I no longer get dry and red patches along my cheeks and my T-zone is so much cleaner and clearer. It also smells amazing (like apricot but in no way overpowering) but because it's fragrance comes from natural oils and isn't synthetic it's completely fine for sensitive skin! Which is something I've always wanted in a skincare product, people with sensitive skin want to smell nice too!

Another big benefit of this product (and of every skin product) is these 4 symbols on the side which state that the product is completely ethical and natural. Which means anyone going cruelty free can rest easy and anyone worried about putting chemically (technical skincare term) stuff into their skin can rest easier.

The packaging is simple and functional. Lot's of people love products that have quirky packaging however the founder of Skinature is determined to not use fancy packaging, therefore more money goes towards the actual product.

Speaking of money, you can buy this cream here. I'm not going to lie and say it's cheap. It's on the pricey side at £25 and at first I was a bit taken aback by the price. However most of the money earned in Skinature will go back into the company and unlike most cheaper skincare products, there isn't ANY paraben or paraffin or petroleum fillers in this cream. What you're paying for is pure product from pure natural ingredients and as I don't need to use much this makes the sting of the price a lot less. As Marva told us she will never be the cheapest brand, but she will also never be the most expensive.

I could bang on about all the ingredients but I think that Skinature know a lot more about them than I do so I recommend taking a look here where they explain what the ingredients do and how they benefit your skin.

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