Review - Body Shop Hemp Lip Conditioner

August 25, 2014

I'm a massive fan of lip balms, mainly because I have a huge problem with dry and flaky lips. Vaseline and other really greasy lip balms don't usually help them all that much and I struggle to find a lip balm that I actually like.
I had given up on lip balms from Body Shop, they're Born Lippy pots and their Lip Butters have never done it for me, so I was interested to see how their stick lip balms were.

They do a range of lip care sticks, Hemp, Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter have a lip care stick in their range.
I purchased the Hemp Lip Conditioner as the sales assistant told me it was meant to be the most intensive for very dry lips.

I purchased this from an outlet so I think this might be different from the Lip Protector that's listed on the Body Shop website and this is actually the American version of the product, I'm not sure if they're actually the same product under a different name however.

The Hemp Lip Conditioner is said to be made with a variety of essential oils, including Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, and Hemp Seed Oil.
Most people know what Coconut and Olive Oil is, however not what Hemp is. Hemp is actually a form of cannabis, however a different variant to the drug kind (hence the slightly suspicious looking leaf on the packaging), Hemp seed oil is meant to be great for dry skin similar to Coconut and Olive oil.

It's definitely an intensive lip balm the moisture sinks into lips while still leaving a protective layer over the lips (which I definitely need now the colder weather is rolling in). Unlike most lip balms though this doesn't feel sticky or greasy and it's easy to apply a lipstick over without it sliding off due to stickiness which is the issue I have with most lip balms.

I'm not going to lie and say this was a bargain because it isn't cheap compared to a bog standard Chapstick. It was £4 which is a lot more than I would usually spend on a lip balm (although not exactly bank breaking I know), but I was getting a bit desperate for something to save my horrible cracked up lips and using my trusty loyalty card I couldn't resist!

To be honest it is fab which makes the extra money spent worth it for me! The Hemp Lip Conditioner has really helped the condition of my lips which is a win in my book!

My only bug bear about this product is that it doesn't smell sweet and fruity like most popular lip balms do, it smells almost herby which I know would turn off a lot of people.

Do you have any favourite lip balms? Let me know in the comments!

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4 comentarios

  1. I have dry lips too and I am always searching for something to help. I might have to look into this one.

    Hayley \\ allshewrotewas

    1. I definitely recommend this lovely! it puts my lips in much better condition :) xx

  2. I am happy to find this post very useful for me, as it contains lot of information. I always prefer to read the quality content and this thing I found in you post. Thanks for dog cbd

  3. I get lots of infections (weak immunity) and I use the Nubutany hemp cream to calm the symptoms and it is really a super product to use if you don’t like meds


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