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August 08, 2014


I have never ever won a raffle or giveaway or prize draw or anything in my life but I won a twitter prize draw for a set of Moxi Rose Gold Makeup Brushes and I was SO EXCITED!
Moxi is a relatively new makeup brush company, they've started off with a kind of core collection in a way, consisting of the M1, O1, X1, I1 and the MOXI brush, I'd heard good things about them so I was very excited to recieve my prize and try these out.

The set arrived so beautifully packaged, in a cream box and all individually wrapped in black and purple tissue paper with stickers labelling them. 
All the brushes come in their own little tube container with the name of the brush on the lid, which I think is a nice touch as it can be used to store the brushes. 

As this was a prize obviously it made the brushes a bit more exciting but I was honestly completely blown away with the Moxi Makeup Brushes. I've always been an Ecotools convert through and through and Ecotools brushes make up the majority of my collection, but Moxi completely blow Ecotools out of the water. These brushes are such good quality brushes, they apply makeup effortlessly and they feel like they are quality made.
The handles are long and weighty, I've never been fussy over handles before but I feel like having a solid handle makes the brush feel more expensive and helps application. None of these brushes have shed and they've been through 2 washes. 

First one up is the M1 Goat Hair powder brush.
This is criminally soft. Without reaching through the screen and rubbing it on your face I can't quite explain just how soft it is but it is by far the softest powder brush I've used. Because it uses natural goat hair it's supposed to continue getting softer with every use. If someone made a bed of these I would quite happily sleep on it put it that way.
This brush is great for sweeping bronzer and blush over the cheeks, especially if you're using a really pigmented product (such as Sleek or Illamasqua) as this seems to just naturally diffuse the product over the skin making it look much more natural and blended with minimal effort from you. With my other brushes I would have to be very light handed and careful with blending my Sleek blushes, with this I can just sweep a few times and I have a flawless blend of product.
It's also great to set makeup with powder and gives such a lovely finish, the dome shape of it means you can set under you eyes and around your nose easily.
If you're in the market for a new powder or blush brush, I can't recommend this enough! It's £13.50 with free UK delivery on the Moxi website which I shall link at the end.
 I don't know why but I love the fact that the brushes spell out Moxi, it's just such a cute idea and things like this tickle me (yes I'm weird like that). So it makes sense to move onto O1 which is the Taklon Foundation Brush.
I was a bit meh about this when I first read what was in the set. I'm not a fan of these shaped foundation brushes and very rarely use them as they just always give me a streaky and liney application when it comes to foundation. The O1 brush didn't actually do that. It's the same old foundation brush shape but it's much, much thicker than the average one. It's PERFECT if you have a really liquid or runny foundation as it just seems to blend liquid flawlessly with no application lines and it picks up just the right amount of product. I still hate normal foundation brushes, but I will definitely use this to apply foundation as I love the way it blends and applies. This is also £13.50

 I was most excited about this brush, the X1 Angled Eye Liner Brush. I very rarely use eyeliner brushes because I'm crap at using them so I was excited to see if having the angle that this had helped and I found it really did. It means you can get closer to the mirror and still see what you're doing. The point is so fine that applying flicks is so easy without having to stretch and pull the skin around your eyes. It's also great for applying shadow as eyeliner for beginners who want a bit more practice. This is £8
 Aaaaand completing the word Moxi is the I1 Double--Ended Brush which is probably one of my favourites (if I was forced to choose). Obviously being double ended means that you get 2 brushes for your money but both of these brushes can be used either for concealer or eyeshadow (I also use them for highlighter). Which is like a quadruple functionality which I would never turn down.
 The first end is like a mini of the Taklon Foundation Brush. Its great for dabbing on concealer under the eyes but it can also be used as a flat eyeshadow brush which I tend to use for patting on pale shimmery eyeshadows, especially ones that aren't particularly pigmented.
 The other end is a slightly angled blending brush, again this works really well for gently buffing and blending concealer. But it's also another great eyeshadow double up.The angled shape means it fits perfectly in the socket of the eye and can blend at the same time as apply. It's also just a general great mini blending brush, I've been using it to blend highlighter in to make it stand out a bit less.

This £12.50 which I think is great value as you're getting 2 multi-functional brushes for the price.
Last but most definitely not least is the MOXI brush which is a flat top angle brush. This is another multi-functional product.
The angle and the pointed shape makes it a great contour brush and this works with powder, cream and liquid products. Angled brushes like this are great for sharp contouring as they fit really nicely under cheekbones.
As it's suitable for lots of different types of products this is a great brush to have as it's so versatile, it can blend blush, bronzer, contour and foundation.
My favourite use for this brush is blending thick and difficult to blend foundations as this is a star blender.
If you have a really thick and creamy foundation this is the brush for you, it gives such a flawless blend of foundation and makes application a lot easier. 
Sometimes blending brushes can feel a bit meh on the skin but this again just feels so nice and soft. 
This is also £13.50.

Overall I can't recommend these brushes enough, if you're looking to start off a brush collection or just add to it I would recommend buying the set which is £48.50 with free UK delivery. You can buy them at the Moxi website and I'd love to know what you think if you do!

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9 comentarios

  1. These seem pretty nice! But I think I'd stick to my real techniques brushes... specially since I'm too broke to buy anything at the moment haha

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    1. I was also too broke to buy new brushes so I was so so happy when I won as these brushes are so so worth it! xxx

  2. They look amazing! I love the liner brush.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. I know I'm so impressed! Definitely keeping an eye on the brand for any new releases!
      It's such a good idea! I hate liner brushes usually as I can never get them at the right angle for my eye so this is so helpful! :) xxx

  3. These are so beautiful they actually remind me of the zoeva brushes a bit :) Also congratulations on winning :)


  4. Great prize - congrats :) x

    Brenda |

  5. Congrats!! Love the detailed review too, I need to invest in these brushes

    B x

  6. Great post, love the brushes!!




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