Mac On Hold Lipstick - Review and Swatches

August 26, 2014

I know I know, Mac isn't really the usual brand on a beauty blog that focuses on bargains on small budgets. However I do love a good saving, so when Debenhams did a fiver off all lipsticks for National Lipstick Day (which admittedly I had NO idea existed) I decided to treat myself.

I got On Hold for £10.50 with 3 samples as a mystery gift (some Elemis skin care, Guerlain Mascara and YSL Perfume minis).

It took a lot of debating to pick which shade I wanted not going to lie. I knew I had to limit myself to one lipstick, but Mac do so many shades and I wanted to pick something lovely that I knew I'd like but that was also different to my other lipsticks.

On Hold is a lovely raspberry pink. I really love this shade, it looks good for both day and night and suits most make-up looks and I love a versatile product. It's not exactly bright but if you're trying to work your way into deeper lipsticks it's worth a go as it gives a pop of colour without looking over the top or really bright.

On Hold is a Cremesheen formula meaning it gives fairly full coverage (not as much as a matte formula) while still being creamy and giving a slight gloss to the lips. I'm no expert in Mac lippies but I do know that lots of people say Cremesheen is their favourite formula.

While I do think that Mac lipsticks are a teeny tiny bit overrated (don't shoot me, I'm not saying they aren't good because they are very good, I'm just saying there's lots of other good lipsticks out there) I was pretty impressed with this. The berry colour seems to stain my lips a little after it's worn off meaning I can get away with no top ups a little bit longer. I find it to last around 3 hours but even after it's worn off my lips don't feel overly dried out like a lot of lipsticks.

I do find that it takes a few swipes to become opaque of my lips however I think this is due to the creaminess of the formula and as I have dry lips I would much rather have a creamier formula and take 2 seconds longer doing a second coat.

I'm not a complete Mac convert however purchasing this has given me a bit more faith in them. Do you have any favourite Mac lipsticks?

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6 comentarios

  1. I got my first MAC lipstick when it was a fiver off too but got Russian Red instead (which I absolutely love!) I find mine had a much, much, much better staying power compared to other brands I had tried but at £15 a lipstick I'd definitely do a lot of research before I bought a second one.

    Rachael at

  2. This looks really pretty on :) I also bought my first two MAC lipsticks when it was £5 off (Ruby Woo & Impassioned) and have been very happy with them. Kinda made me want to just go and buy them all now but have held out so far!

    Brenda |

  3. Ooh i really like the look of this shade , it's great finding out about a mac lipstick that you don't hear of much.. I seem to like collecting mac lippies haha for little treats as like you say they are pretty pricey xx

  4. Really like the look of this shade, may have to give it a try! When it comes to reds though I'm always worried about it looking too dark on my skintone so this may be the perfect shade for me! Xo

  5. This shade is so pretty! And you have the nicest lips! ♥
    Abigail x

  6. The color looks absolutely gorgeous! But mac is still out of my budget...

    xx, Be || lovefrombe


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