British 'Summertime...ish' Look Tutorial

August 18, 2014

Wah first ever tutorial! I was quite worried about doing one of these but some lovely beauty bloggers talked me into it on Twitter so here goes nothing!

So it's mid-August, the sun should be shining and bees buzzing and I should be wearing summer dresses but apparently the weather disagrees with me and this week hasn't been the warmest up in Northern England. I realised that trees in my garden are showing some yellow leaves- which signals Autumn.
So this tutorial is actually more of an Autumn look, for Summer days that really aren't summery, creating the look below.

First things first, the base has to go on. If you're reading a beauty tutorial you probably own your own foundation and concealer and have a way of applying it. For this look I wanted a medium coverage so I'm using MUR Ultra Face Base Foundation in Shade 02 which is the palest shade available and I'm blending it in with my MOXI Flat top angled brush, which I reviewed here (sneaky plug complete). 
Due to tiredness I'm also using everyone's favourite which I doubt requires a link as it's been buzzing around blogs as long as I can remember Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair (again the lightest available, surprise surprise)

 After I've fixed my skin up I'm looking pretty ghostly, so I'm going to use a matte bronzer to add some warmth and definition to my skin (I really do mean SOME, light handedness is required here). I'm using a Prestige Blush Contour Brush (purchased from my favourite place Fragrance Direct) and Natural Collection Bronzer in Golden Glow (great for pale girls if you're looking for a cheap bronzer)
 To get some cheekbone definition I make a stupid pouty face and lightly brush bronzer just underneath my cheekbone and blend to create a less harsh line.
I also brush a teeny bit around my jaw and chin to add definition.
 Aaaaaand around the edges of my face to finish off and add some warmth to my face.

 Next up is obviously blush, I'm using a cool toned light pink Makeup Revolution Powder Blush in Wow with my M1 Goat Hair Powder brush and sweeping it over the apples of cheeks. and using the brush to blend it around.

 I stupidly forgot to take a picture of the tube but I'm using MUR Eye Primer in Original as I'm using the MUR Iconic 2 palette on the eyes and I've found they work a lot better when used with a primer.
 Using the amazing Iconic 2 palette (notice how I've very cleverly shown which colours I've used using the corresponding brushes- aren't I clever).
I'm using the first shade which is a cream matte just to sweep all over the lid using a Prestige Sweep Shadow Brush

 I then use the 5th shade which is a cool matte brown to blend along the crease and the corner of the eye using the I1 Double Ended Brush (Using the flat side to apply and the lighter shade to blend it in)
I build up the brown using a Model's Own Blending Eye Brush. To build this up a bit darker I use the second darkest shade and blend that from the corner to the centre of my eye and along the crease.
 Using an Ecotools Shadow Brush I then apply black in a line at the corner of my lashline and at the edge of the crease, I then use the Moxi I1 blending end to blend this into the brown creating a cool neutral toned smoky look.
 Now it's time to put some wings in. Follow the line of your waterline and draw a line continuing up from it up to the crease. You can use any eyeliner you want in any type you want, I'm using MUR Liquid Eyeliner though.
 Then draw a line connecting this to your upper lash line and continue that line to your tear duct,
 Fill in the triangle and winged eyeliner is done! I know that lots of people struggle with winged eyeliner hence going into more depth in it, but everyone will have their own way of doing it. All it takes is practice and patience! (So many wing puns I could insert at this point but I'll refrain)
 Then some lashings of mascara (using Rimmel Lash Acceleration and eyes are good to go!)
You may notice that I haven't included brows, because to be honest everyone has different shaped brows so I didn't see much point, however I filled mine in with the 5th shade of the Iconic 2 palette mixed with a bit of black and brushed through using an Ecotools Angled Eyeliner brush.

 On to lips. I'm using Collection Work the Colour Lip Butter crayon in Perfect Plum.

 After a few swipes lips are good to go! I also powdered away the dewy shine of the foundation with my usual face powder (Charles of the Ritz)

So that's the look all done, my camera and lights have bleached it out a lot but I hope that you enjoyed the tutorial!
I would love feedback (constructive) of course as I'm really not too sure on whether to include tutorials in my blog as I'm definitely not a makeup artist of any kind. Let me know in the comments!

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12 comentarios

  1. looks lovely, i really want to try some make up revolution products xx

    1. I can't recommend them enough! Such good value and I haven't had a disappointing product yet! :) x

  2. This combination looks lovely on you :) x

    Brenda |

    1. Thank you lovely! I do love a bright/dark lip :) x

  3. Fantastic first tutorial, well done! I love the product shots on the rug, I may have to steal that idea lol! xx

    Twitter @CBBeautyBlog

    1. Thank you! It's actually a cushion that I use to decorate my uni room! It was only a few pound from B&M Home Stores, hahaha you're welcome to it lovely :) x

  4. That lip colour looks amazing on you, I need to pick it up !
    Zeynab x

    The Beautifully Disastrous

    1. Thank you! I've been loving bright lips recently and thought this was such a lovely cross between a summer and winter colour :) They're meant to be chubby stick dupes so definitely try them out! :) x

  5. This looks so cute! Your eyelashes remind me of little feathers...

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    1. Thank you lovely!
      Hahahaha thank you :') I'd just taken mascara from another look off so they were kind of half mascara'd up already :P xx

  6. Absolutely love that lip colour, perfect for A/W too :). Also love your eyeshadow and the MR blushes look so pigmented I shall have to pick one up :). Gorgeous look :) xx

  7. I love the lip colour! One of my favourite shades to wear all year round!


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