Review: Sleek Bronze Block

July 23, 2014

Yet another review on a Sleek product because I really really love Sleek.

So what do Sleek say?
"Get that sun-kissed glow all year-round! This highly versatile bronzer combines four complementary shades for a swirl that gives you a natural radiant complexion."
This is £7.49 from Sleek but it has occasionally appeared on discount sites like Xtras if you happen to catch it.

First impressions were very good, I love Sleek's packaging. The matte black compact makes the product seem a lot pricier than it actually is. Every other Sleek product I own also uses heavy matte casing and I love the way it looks. I especially love products that come with mirrors as they're so handy to double up as a mirror for on the go.
The only tiny niggle I have with the packaging, which is a problem I have with all Sleek compacts is that I just seem to find them difficult to get them open, you have to really use your nails to open them (goodbye nail polish).

The bronze block comes in either Light or Dark, I for obvious reasons (milkbottleness) purchased the Light one. The bronzer has 4 different shades, 2 bronzey (technical blogger term) shades, one shade that's a light bronzer/powder/highlighter and a light pink blush (the Dark comes with darker shades and a deeper pink). Sleek says that you can choose to use the lighter shade with the pink to naturally illuminate or use the darker shades as blusher. However I found that the lightest bronzey shade was still way too dark when mixed with the pink to 'illuminate' and instead just bronzed. Maybe if you were tanned you would find this more useful though but pale girls this is always going to be a bronzer to you. So instead I swirled them all together and then applied.

As you can see from the swatch, I ended up with a crazy pigmented pink based bronze with only a teeny tiny hint of shimmer, which is good because I'm not a big fan of sparkly shimmery bronzers. If you've experienced Sleek's blushes, you'll know that they require very careful application and blending to avoid looking like a clown and this is no different. A little goes a long way and with over 9g of product in the compact, this will definitely keep my going for ages.
Hardcore contourers will probably not find this the best contourer due to the pink undertones, but if all you want is a bit of definition then this does fine, it actually works really well when used under cheekbones with a blush on the cheeks as it can blend so easily. (Despite needing to be careful with application due to heavy pigmentation, it's really easy to blend out.

So overall I'm really impressed with this bronzer. I'm a bit picky when it comes to bronzers as any orange tones in bronzers do NOT suit me at all. So I love the pink tones this has as it looks much more natural on my skin. Also Sleek are such good value for the quality and the amount of product you get.
My only nitpicks are that the two lightest shades aren't all that light and that I'm a failure at opening Sleek products (although I feel like this is just my incompetence). I definitely would be interested to know if any of you are also failures at opening these!

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4 comentarios

  1. I love Sleek blushes, and thats the only thing ive tried from them!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. I've also tried the blushes, Rose Gold by Sleek is my PERFECT blush! This is pretty similar to the blushes to be honest so you'll probably like this :) xx

  2. wow! this seems super lovely!!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    1. It's such a lovely bronzer when all swirled together! :) xxx


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