Review: Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer (Luna)

July 20, 2014

So I'm very late on this bandwagon. So so late. Like Internet Explorer late. But I wanted to do a review on this anyway.
I remember being excited by these when they first came out but I never ended up getting one. I've mentioned in previous reviews that I'm not a lip gloss girl so I didn't think that I would like this all that much but I was very very wrong.

Rimmel describes this as neither a lipstick or gloss, it's 'bigger than both'. But recently there's been a bit of a trend in liquid lipsticks and lip lacquers and although I haven't tried many, I'm not sure how different this is to those recent releases.

The product definitely has the texture of a gloss which is one of the few things I dislike about Apocalips. It glides on nicely due to the glossy texture however and if you're a fellow gloss hater you'll probably be able to deal with it. Luckily it doesn't feel sticky after application so you won't end up with your hair all stuff in it and a yeti face.
One thing I was pleasantly surprised at was that despite my dry flaky lips, this didn't cake on my dry skin. It stuck to flaky skin a little bit which is to be expected. But I was expecting to have my dry bits sticking out like sore thumbs, and this just slid over the lips nicely.

It definitely delivers on the pigmentation and colour side. It's pretty opaque, but you'll still need 2 coats to get a fully opaque look, which is the same as most lipsticks around this price (£5.99) so it really does give the colour effect of a lipstick. It did apply slightly streaky as you can see from the photo, but from reading other reviews this only seems to be an issue for the paler colours. Only a slight niggle as reapplication would possibly sort this out.

I purchased the shade Luna which is a pretty nude with a pink tone. It's a nice summery nude shade which I think I'll end up wearing a lot of. There are 13 shades to choose from which isn't a massive choice, but I genuinely love the colours included (all named with an astronomy theme, obviously). If I purchase any more (I probably will when I'm not so skint) I really want to give Aurora, Eclipse and Stellar a whirl.

As I mentioned before, the glossyness means the lip lacquer just slides on. So application is fairly easy. It uses a doe foot applicator with a twist. The hollowed out middle of the applicator means more product is held, so less dipping into the bottle. But this does mean you can end up with far too much product at once so make sure you wipe off excess or be prepared with tissues and wipes.
It does require 2 applications (don't forget to blot) to get a brighter opaque colour, but with brighter shades you might be able to get away with 1.

Sorry about the focus, my camera was throwing a hissy fit
Now the big question with any lip product, how long will it last you? I got about 4 hours wear before I felt the need to touch up, obviously as it's the formula of a gloss it does have the potential to slide off and is never going to have an endless wear time. So 4 hours is very reasonable for a high street lip lacquer.

Overall I loved this product so much more than I was expecting! I haven't quite been converted to lipglosses but baby steps, my friends. I definitely recommend this and would re-purchase.

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2 comentarios

  1. I've been wanting to try these as well, the package doesn't look like lipgloss but more like mascara, I find it really pretty and mysterious.

    xx, M | Brunette In Black

    1. I think it's because it's black to go with the galaxy theme :) xxx


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