Review: Boots Essentials Cucumber Skincare Range

July 12, 2014

I'm a self confessed own brand junkie, especially in supermarkets but also when it comes to beauty (although not quite as much as I adore Sainsbury's Basics). Cue Boots own brand skincare and OF COURSE I'm all over them,

Boots Essentials skincare range made up my very first skincare routine since I was 12 and it's had a firm place in my heart since then. I tend to hop around products when it comes to skincare, but I nearly always have some of this cucumber stuff somewhere as a backup. This range featured in my Overrated and Underrated skincare post as an underrated range of skincare products, I firmly stand  by this as it really is.

I decided to do full reviews of products I have on hand as well as a general review overall of the range of products and what I do and don't like from the range.

Cucumber Face Wash (150ml for £1.50)

In my everyday skin routine I usually use a cleansing lotion and toner, but sometimes you just need something that cleans more and refreshes the skin so I use a face wash a few times a week or if my skin's feeling a bit bleurgh (yes that's a word). 
Admittedly it's not some kind of magical facewash that will fix everything about your skin. There's probably washes out there that clean your skin a lot better than this does, but they probably cost a fiver over this. But if you have average skin this is great as just a basic wash. My skin feels clean afterwards which is all I'm asking for if I'm honest. 
Also the smell is amazing. I don't know if it's because I've grown up with it or I just really like cucumber but I love the smell of this entire range. It doesn't have an overpowering scent, it's just a nice refreshing cucumber smell.

Cucumber Moisturising Cream (100ml for £1.50)

I'm not fussy when it comes to moisturisers. My only need is that it can get rid of dry patches on my cheeks while not making my T-zone oilier. I had been using Benefit's Total Moisture but I reverted back to this as I feel that this does a similar job for over £25 less. It's a lightweight moisturiser, if you have really dry skin this probably isn't going to be for you. Similarly to the face wash, it's a no bells and whistles kind of product, it will make your skin moist and stop drying out from cleansing and that's it. It won't do anything to your pores or lines or plump anything. But it does keep my skin feeling healthy and I've never had a problem with it. You might notice that you get slightly less than you do the face wash and a lot of moisturisers often offer more. But this pot lasts me ages, because it's a really light consistency, it spreads really nicely so a little can go a long way. It also sinks into the skin fairly quickly which is handy for mornings as no-one wants a sticky foundation and moisturiser mix on their face. 

Cucumber Eye Gel (15ml for £1.50)

This is one of the very few products that I hadn't tried which was rectified recently. I've always suffered from dry dark and puffy under eye circles. I usually fixed this with copious amounts of concealer and foundation but on my most recent trip to Boots it was 3 for 2 so I decided to give it a whirl. I've never really got on with most under eye creams (I hate the Garnier roll on) as I just feel like the underneath of my eye is sticky and clogged up. This may have converted me.
I love the fact that it's a gel and not a lotion or cream, in a similar way to the moisturiser it's lovely and lightweight and sinks into the skin in a few minutes. I've definitely noticed some difference to the state of my under-eyes. They're less puffy at the very least but I'm not sure if there was a massive result from this. It is lovely to apply in the morning though, with the refreshing cucumber scent and cooling gel it really wakes up my eyes.

Thoughts on other products in the range

There are a couple of products I'm not the biggest fan of in the range. One of them is the Facial Scrub (50ml for £1.50) as I find it not 'scrubby' enough. I like a strong exfoliator that I can use every once in a while. If you're looking for a gentler scrub this could be for you however. I really don't like the Eye Make-up Remover Pads, they're so greasy and I feel like I just spread grease and eye make-up around my face instead of it slipping onto the pad and I have to use a lot to do any good so they aren't worth it. 
They do offer a bottle of eye makeup remover gel though that I have yet to try (shockingly) which might be better. 
The 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner, while an excellent idea that works well enough, I don't tend to use purely because I like cleansing and toning my face separately as it just feels cleaner that way. But I do like using it as a cleansing lotion and using the toner afterwards, (the toner is also lovely). The rest of the range (wipes, lotion, and 3 minute clay mask) are all stars as well. They all have the same great smell and all work really well (I challenge you to not be converted by their clay mask). 

For those with sensitive skin, the fragrance in this isn't strong enough to irritate or dry out my skin but I have been using these a long time. However if your skin really doesn't put up with the fragrance they do a range of all the same products but un-fragranced which have worked just as well for me.
Another bonus- it's very rare that these aren't on some kind of 3 for 2 deal.

I'd love to know your opinions on this or any other own brand skincare products!

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Catherine x

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14 comentarios

  1. I haven't found my skin products yet, I can't find what's right for it, so I guess I'll have to visit a dermatologist to get a more specific information about my skin, all I know is that it's super sensitive.

    xx, M | Brunette In Black

    1. Aww no :( I'm fairly lucky in the skin department thank god! I think if you're having problems a dermatologist might be best, you could try the unfragranced Boots stuff though? xx

  2. Agreed. I used to love me so Boots brand when I lived in London.

    1. Definitely! Especially for the price :) xx

  3. Ooooh the eye gel looks good! I love cucumber type skincare items. :)

  4. I LOVE the boots cucumber range, it's friendly to my student budget, smells beautiful and yet is kind enough to my sensitive skin to avoid having break-outs!
    Such a great review, I'm going to have to pick up the eye-gel next time I'm in store!
    Thank You :)
    Forever Rebecca

    1. I'm not a big skincare junkie so I love how uncomplicated it is. Its also the only scented stuff I've found that doesn't give me a tomato face skincare wise :) it is quite useful, although don't expect miracles from it :) xxx

  5. I have tried the cleanser from this range and found that it does do the trick, wasn't the best but for the price I couldn't complain. I tried the toner too, and found that to be awful, it stung my skin like mad and did nothing for my skin. I haven't seen the eye gel before though, I must try it!
    In Katie's Corner

    1. I have fairly forgiving skin so all I needed was a basic cleanser and like you said for 1.50 no complaints :) oh thats a shame, their toner isn't exactly gentle I see what you mean but my skin has coped fine so far luckily, let me know what you think if you do :) xxx

  6. I love this range! I absolutely love the wipes and clay mask from the range - so cheap but so good! xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Just did a teeeeeny fan girl when I saw you comment :D thank you lovely :) yeah I rarely use the wipes but if I need a quick clean after a night out I love these ones. The clay maskbis amazing! I haven't found another good cheap mask like that one :) xxx

  7. great in depth post! I have really sensitive skin and find it difficult to find products that suit it so I'll definitely be trying these out. Especially because their a good price hah, would love if you could check out my fashion blog :)


    1. thanks lovely, I have the same problem so give this a whirl or try their non fragranced stuff :) let me know how you get on! I'll have a peek now :) xx

  8. The cucumber wipes are pretty good and i use the toner as a postmakeup spritzer to cool and freshen up but my fave is the 3 min face mask. I remove it with a flannel soaked in hot water and my skin feels smooth and clean. Next product to try will be the face scrub ..........


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