Review: Body Shop Raspberry Range

July 25, 2014

I seem to be piling on the reviews recently but I couldn't resist doing a post on these. My love affair with these began when an innocent window shop in The Body Shop led me and my flatmate Lizzy to smell the testers of the new body butters (Body Shop body butters are constantly in my house). We tried the new Peach and other flavours that I couldn't remember and left this until last. When we smelled the raspberry body butter we literally nearly drooled into the tester pot (nearly, we didn't actually don't worry). It smelt heavenly and then we searched the rest of the shop for the rest of the range.

Sadly I was too poor and left empty handed. But when my birthday came my sister knew I would love these and gave me the eau de toilette and the body scrub.

I'm going to start with the eau de toilette (perfume) as the star of this range is it's fragrance. It's sweet but not in a sickly way and you really do get the smell of raspberry. It's obviously going to be a bit of a synthetic smell because it is the Body Shop, but it gets the balance between synthetic and actual raspberry smell right.
I have actually had a wasp chase me and I'm fairly sure it's because I was wearing this and the evil thing thought I was a raspberry bush or something.
But back to the point.
For the £8.50 it's definitely cheaper than a normal bottle of perfume, but you don't get all that much which is annoying because if they released a larger bottle I would DEFINITELY buy it, I can't get enough of it. Not only have my friends said that they like the smell, I have now became the perfume vendor and end up lending it to other people before nights out. By the end of summer the whole of Newcastle will reek of raspberries.

The only downsides to this is that the bottle really is dinky (although I suppose that means it fits in your bag) so it probably won't last you too long. I would say it has an average wear length, probably around 4-5 hours? Which for an toilette isn't all that bad.
Those and the potential insect danger.

Moving on the scrub which is good enough to eat.
I was set on the body butter but my sister got me the scrub (I have more than enough body butters). I hadn't looked at this in the shop but when I was speechless, a body scrub has never looked or smelt more delicious. My mouth waters everytime I open this. It's basically raspberry jam.
I'm not sure the pictures show you just how delicious it looks and I probably sound like a freak who eats bath stuff (I promise I'm not).
The scrub isn't super abrasive or strong, but will still give you a decent scrub. At first it's kind of unnerving to scrub on as it feels so jammy but it ends up feeling lovely on the skin. It isn't sticky like it looks and my skin feels clean and refreshed after use. Of course I smell amazing afterwards as well.

I would say this smells better than the perfume does purely because this smells slightly less synthetic. It literally smells like sweet raspberry jam and after the first 'Ewww this is like jam' I fell completely in love!

These are some of my favourite toiletry products released from The Body Shop in a while and in my opinion it's their best scented range! The range includes a body butter, body lotion, the scrub, eau de toilette and a shower gel. From what I've seen and heard the body butter and scrub are the best products but I'd love to hear from people who have tried the other products in the range as I plan on purchasing them soon!

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10 comentarios

  1. I love The Body Shop, I have the coconut body butter and I love it, although I don't use it that much.

    xx, M | Brunette In Black

    1. Their coconut butter is one of my favourites! It smells amazing :)

  2. I love this range! I didn't know there was a peach one - exciting! :)

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. It smells so amazing I'm so in love!
      I'm yet to try it but it was released around the same time as the raspberry range I think :) xx

  3. Wow! It looks super edible, and delicious haha I'd have to control myself from eating it hehe

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    1. I know I had to try and control myself from eating it when I was taking photos :P xxx

  4. Your photographs are fantastic - that jammy scrub had my mouth watering lol
    Jules from lippylikes

    1. Thank you! I've recently got a new camera so I'm just starting to figure out how to use it and make my photos decent so it means a lot that you like them!
      It makes my mouth water every time I use it!

  5. The scrub looks exactly raspberry jam, I'll definitely be having a sniff when I'm next in The Body Shop! Raspberry is one of my favourite smells, as it's not as sweet as strawberry, but still lovely and fruity :)

    - Grace's Beauty Space xx

    1. I know! I half expect to be sticky whenever I use it but it's such a lovely scrub!
      Raspberry is by far my favourite smell, I've grown up with a MASSIVE raspberry bush in my garden so it's like a homely smell to me and this is such a sweet mouthwatering smell! xxx


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