My Blog's Makeover Journey

July 20, 2014

Okay so in the past month I've been flitting around colour themes and fonts and everything like there's no tomorrow. I've finally ended up with exactly what I've been looking for (which I'll be talking about in a bit, it's all thanks to a lovely lovely lady called Be) but along the way I've found some amazing designs and designers who I think should get a mention.

Design Number 1

I very much doubt anyone actually saw it when my blog looked like this, it was at the very very very start of Counter Pretty (about 2 months ago). To get away from the standard blogger designs (ick) I decided to do some googling around and found a website offering lots of pretty backgrounds for free: Cutest Blog on the Block this was great just to give my blog a facelift while I was still figuring out what was what, and they also do free template codes. And yes, they are cute.

Design Number 2

So I ended up getting the hang of things and felt like I needed to get myself a proper template as the Design tool on Blogger can only do so much. But I didn't want a fancy shmancy one only for me to give up blogging in the next week as it was still very early days. Further googling led me to this template called Sorbet which was great to really get to know my blog and how it all worked. It was also nice to work on making my drop down menus and I made my own header for the very first time yay!

Design Number 3

By this point SOME people were beginning to read my blog and I really wasn't sure I liked the look of sorbet after seeing everyone else's lovely blogs. Cue google. Cue discovering that Etsy had a world full of blog template sellers. Cue discovering Neat Design Corner who sells affordable but still really lovely blog templates! I downloaded Red Solo Cup which was so adorable and definitely got me more motivated to get my blog looking wonderful

Design Number 4

I got talking to the a lovely blogger Through the Mirror and she was just starting out design and offered me a header and a button made all for FREE! They were so adorable and I ended up somehow deleting them when I changed my template the next time but if you're looking for a blog personalisation for fairly cheap then seriously go ahead and check her out!

Design Number 5

I know that by now I seem like a very flightly person but this is labelled 'journey' for a reason, guys. This one came from another Etsy seller Kortryna Bass who has such wonderful pre-made designs. I downloaded 'Macaroons' and it looked so lovely! But I still felt like I wanted a template unique to me.

Presenting Design Number 6

So Be from Love from Be has been such a massive help to me in growing my blog, she's so sweet and lovely, I say lovely a LOT but it really does describe Be. 
So Be runs a series called Makeover Mondays, where you enter by commenting on her most recent Makeover Mondays post (so keep an eye out on Mondays!) with your URL, a little bit about your blog and why you would want to win (there are some other rules as well which you should give a little read over before you enter). Be then picks the winning comment and that lucky person will get a makeover for their blog throughout that week with their design being explained in next weeks Makeover Mondays post. ( I don't want to go into the design too much as Be will explain it over on her blog). I absolutely ADORE my blog now and wouldn't change anything about it! 

I absolutely love what she's done! Don't you? 

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13 comentarios

  1. I loved being able to contribute to your blog design. You know I adore you and your blog. I hope it was what you wanted :)

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    1. I loved you contributing to my blog design! I absolutely LOVE it Be! It was more than I wanted :) xxx

  2. I love your new blog design. It's lovely.

    Hayley \\

    1. I know Be did such an amazing job! :) xx

  3. It looks amazing! Love the birdies, they look so cute!

    Evelin Kivi blog

  4. I know! I really love the bird design! :) x

  5. Love this blog design! And it has given me some tips on my own blog that I have just started too. The design bit befuddles me a little bit, but I will be checking the design templates out that you mentioned.
    Thank you!

    1. It's so so pretty! Definitely shop around a bit until you decide what you want! Glad the post helped you though lovely :) xx

  6. It looks really pretty I love it

    xx, M | Brunette In Black

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Thank you for this great post and information provided. I've been wanted to redesign my blog and get a button etc but wasn't sure where to start! Much appreciated. :-)


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