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July 06, 2014

I posted a First Impressions post which has now been updated with a proper review now I've had a chance to properly test things, but shortly after I caved and brought more goodies from MUR so another post was needed.

 Vivid Baked Highlighter- Golden Lights (£3)

I'd heard amazing things about this from other bloggers and I can see why. It looks so pretty in the pan (although when applying using a finger it can feel really course due to the pattern) but when applied it comes out really smooth. It's a light shimmery powder and is great for sprucing up contouring and cheekbones. This shade is perfect for pale skin if you want a subtle highlighter and I love applying this just above my cheekbone but it also looks great when used in the corner of the eye to make you look more awake. It lasts all day when set with powder and I'm tempted to go back and buy the rest of the collection if I'm honest.

Amazing Lipsticks (£1)

I mentioned these in my past post which is linked up at the top, but I thought I should review them all together as I picked up 2 more in my latest order as well.
Left to right the colours I own are: 1.Treat, 2.Dazzle,3. Luscious and 4.Divine.
So for a bit of a general review to start- these are amazing. For £1 even if they were poo it would be okay but they feel like they should be worth so much more. The packaging isn't all that sturdy but that's not a major issue for me personally as I'm more concerned with what the lipstick inside is like. The formula of these is so creamy and pigmented. I have a big problem with dry and chapped lips but these don't feel like they're drying my lips out but they also aren't so creamy that they cling to dry skin on the lips. The lipsticks have an okay lasting power, I always feel the need to reapply any lipstick I wear and these are no different and will last you around 6/7 hours.
1.- Treat- Treat is a dark nude colour which is a shade I've been looking for for ages. It's a great lipstick for everyday wear or for people who aren't keen on big bright statement lips.
2. Dazzle This is one for people who definitely do like big bright statement lips. It's a bright fuchsia colour and I love how pigmented this is. I have a LOT of bright pink lipsticks and this is one of the brightest and looks great for a summer night out.
3. Luscious  This is a shade I brought in my last haul post but to go over quickly again it's a pretty coral colour, it comes out a lot more pinky in real life than it seems to in photos and isn't as orange as it is on the MUR website but it is still a lovely coral colour even if slightly less orange than first thought and would probably suit most skin tones.
4. Divine Also from my previous haul. This shade is one of the matte range of the Amazing Lipsticks and is actually my first try of a matte lipstick. It's slightly harder to apply than the others due to it's matte formula but 2 coats gives a good solid colour and although matte it isn't as dry as I expected although obviously a tad drier than the normal formulas. I love the matte effect and the pretty light pink shade.

Liquid Concealer (£1.50) in Fair

Another impressive product from MUR. This is very similar to the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. It's a thick creamy formula and has a pretty heavy coverage. It's probably best for blemishes and spots but is good for under eye as well (I prefer to use a highlighting concealer under eyes). I got the palest shade which was fine for me but anyone even slightly paler might struggle a bit. There's only 3 shades of this which is slightly disappointing, but their Focus and Fix Concealer does have 6 shades (which goes from fairest and includes more darker shades than many high street brands offer). But for £1.50 it's another steal and seems much better quality than the price.

Amazing Eyeliner Waterproof (£1.50)

 While I was pouring the contents of my bank account into MUR I realised that my liquid eyeliner had ran out so decided to try out theirs and they didn't disappoint yet again. The eyeliner stays on perfectly all day and dries non flaky (which to me is all you really need from liquid eyeliner) fairly quickly so less chance for smudging. The star of this eyeliner is the brush though. As the picture shows the brush is so fine and it makes it really easy to use, especially for any beginners out there. It means that a thin line is so easy to achieve but you can build it up to a thicker cats eye with more accuracy. Another plus is that the bottle is great at stopping any excess product when pulling the brush out meaning no incidents of splodges of eyeliner smudging everywhere.

Ultra Face Base Primer (£5)

Primer's been one of the things I've never had too much need for, most decent primers are fairly expensive and the benefits don't outweigh the costs for me. Most highstreet primers have seemed fairly useless and made my skin oily so I was eager to try this one out. 
It's no Porefessional but it gets the job done a bit better than the other highstreet alternatives. It definitely made my foundation and concealer last all day with no touch ups and didn't make my skin feel oily when I put my foundation on afterwards which was another push. So if you're after a primer that gets the job done but still doesn't break the bank then I would say definitely go for this.

MUR has very quickly became a blogger's favourite and I can see why! They're an amazing brand and I can't wait for them to come to actual shops. If you're a broke student (or broke anyone for that matter) then definitely give these a try as they're a great quality budget makeup brand.
Catherine x

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4 comentarios

  1. I need to jump on the bandwagon with the MUR products! They're like the new MUA, but with a ton more products. The lipsticks you picked up look lovely!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. Such a good bandwagon to be on! I liked MUA but I don't their products are as good for the price as MUR are :) xx

  2. I can't believe how pigmented the lipsticks are! I have the MUR iconic 3 palette and love it, I'll defs try the lipsticks and skin products next time :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. I know I was so impressed! I have a feeling my lipstick collection will be FULL of them! ooooh I want the Iconic 3 palette next! xx


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