Overrated and Underrated - Summer

June 11, 2014

So today I'm going to be pointing out the 5 most overrated beauty products of Summer and 5 products that I think are underrated (for me at least)


1. BB Cream/CC Cream
    I still don't get a lot of the hype around BB Creams, they're basically just tinted moisturisers with a fancier name. I'm not saying that they aren't good for your skin but I'd rather put money towards a decent moisturiser and find a lighter foundation, plus most brands don't stock a wide range of shades and they're usually far too dark for pale skin.
2. Caviar Manicures
    Don't get me wrong these look really pretty when they're done well. But filling EVERY nail with beads is a bit overkill. I've never tried them myself but I feel like I'd be forever getting my hair and things snagged in them, I love having pretty coloured nails as much as any other girl but not when they get in the way of every day life.
3. Eyeliner Stick Ons/Transfers
    It may just be me but these seem to be more hassle than trying to get even eyeliner. In photoshoots they look great but what if you're eye isn't the right shape or length. Persevere with the good old pencil eye-liner please.
4. Mac Lipsticks
    I can practically hear the few followers I have walking away but hear me out. Mac's colour range when it comes to lipsticks is fairly unrivalled and I'm not saying they aren't GOOD just that there are other lipsticks out there that are just as good and don't break the bank quite as much. 
5. Water Sprays
     Especially one's like the Evian Mineral Water Spray. It's water....in a can.... you could just go to the tap and put it in a 50p spritzer bottle. If I was going for a face spray I'd either go for an actual cooling one like Magicool's or one that will actually DO something to my face that isn't just from a tap.


1. Johnson's Baby Oil
This is probably one of the best moisturisers around and barely anyone uses it. Slap some on your body overnight and your skin will be really moisturised in the morning. This would work well with non-branded baby oils as well as they're all designed to be moisturising and soothing but extra gentle on skin. 

2. Exfoliator 
Everyone can get too caught up in moisturising and cleansing with every product under the sun, but that will only go so far if the skin cells on the top layer of your skin are flaky and dead. Exfoliating should be just as important as moisturising in people's skin routines.
3.Body Shop Perfumes
  I'm not always a big fan of Body Shop, I only ever tend to use their body butters, but I've used their perfumes from time to time and I'm always pleasantly surprised. I tried out this raspberry one a few days ago and my flatmate brought it and it smells amazing! They don't last all that long but the bottles are small enough to carry round for top ups and they're fairly cheap. They also do chocolate and vanilla ones which I loved when I tested them in the shop and I would recommend that you go and give them a try seeing as they're under a tenner.
4. Plain Argan Oil
Argan Oil is well known to be amazing for hair, but these days a lot of it seems to be products that contain argan oil (but are mostly silicones that don't actually moisturise hair, they just coat it with gunk). You sometimes can't beat just spritzing the plain oil onto hair. It's definitely cheaper than buying a product that simply contains it and you know what you're putting on your hair more. Ones like this are a better bet (not saying you should definitely get this one, but a pure oil treatment such as this).
5. Cotton Buds
Definitely underrated! These are so handy for almost every makeup need, especially handy when it comes to nails or eye makeup. They're great for removing and smudges or fall out from eyeshadow and neatening up eyeliner or nail polish. But to be honest they could even be used as quick substitute lip brushes and to apply products to spots. Once you've used them you'll always need them.

What are your thoughts on any underrated/overrated products? Agree or disagree with any of mine? ( I feel like the Mac one could cause controversy). I'm hoping to make this a bit of a series on my blog so keen to know what people think!

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10 comentarios

  1. I agree with the facial sprays I've never really 'got' that trend haha. Most of them are pretty expensive too, I also agree on the nail front they're not exactly the most practical nail x


  2. I can kind of understand a make-up setting spray although I haven't used one myself, but spraying water on my face seems fairly pointless to me! :) x

  3. I agree with you that johnsons baby oil is definitely under rated. It's a staple in my beauty cupboard xx

  4. It so is, it's so much cheaper than most moisturisers but it leaves my skin feeling amazing! xx

  5. Exactly! why would you pay that much for tap water? you have some good points here. xx

    1. thank you lovely! at first I thought it was a cooling spray or something, I went to pick some up and was so confused when the ingredients were just water! xx

  6. Great post! Totally agree. Although it's still pretty likely I'll buy water in a can at some point lol www.tamlovestea.com

    1. It sounds like such a good idea, if it had any cooling stuff in it I would love it, but I'd rather just make my own water spray using an empty spritzer bottle :P xx

  7. Love this post! It's so nice to see some of those products that tend to fly under the radar but are so useful.
    Great post!

    1. Thank you lovely :) I'm making it a series so there should be more of these overrated and underrated posts :) x


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