Fragrance Direct: Face Haul

June 23, 2014

This isn't really a haul as it's only 3 things but I didn't really know what to call the post. I decided to do a (very necessary) Fragrance Direct order as my good skin spell is ending and I wanted to prepare, which is why all I got was face products. I ordered the Bourjois Une BB Cream (it isn't really a BB cream at all but I'll get onto that later), a Charles of the Ritz Custom Blended Powder (which isn't custom blended but I'll get onto that later as well) and Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Pore Refining Lotion.

So starting off with the powder. This was reduced from RRP £35 to just £4 (Charles of the Ritz was discontinued in 2002 hence the huuuuuuge discount). I brought it in Soft Pink which is more of a transparent colour to be honest, so the fact you can buy colours kind of suggests it isn't custom blended but hey ho it still looks fancy. First things first, the pot is mahoooooosive (45g) and I don't use that much powder so this is going to end up lasting me years! I've completely fallen in love with this powder, it comes with a powder puff and a mini blending brush (I tend to use the brush as it's easier to apply that way). I use this on top of my normal foundation and I really don't need to use much. This shade has a pink tint but blends in to be basically transparent but it still gives an amazing finish to my face make-up. Also the powder has a slight fragrance to it which is a nice touch (I was worried this would irritate my skin but so far it hasn't but those with really sensitive skin could have a problem with the fragrance).
Moving on to the Lotion. Fragrance Direct put this into the moisturiser category, but a quick Google told me that it was actually a toner type product. I decided to try it out anyway to see what it was like (it was also only £4) as I do need a better toner, although I didn't really need the anti-ageing bits but never-mind. It's alcohol free which is what I always look for in a toner as alcohol just makes my skin too tight and dry and it isn't a pretty sight. It was a lot more gentle than I thought it would be (I was a bit worried when I saw the liquid is BRIGHT TURQUOISE). But this actually felt really nice on my skin, my skin felt tightish but not dry, it mainly just felt really clean. So at least my pores are thanking Fragrance Direct for their miscategorisation.

And last, and probably least as well is the Une BB Cream

So this is realistically a cream to powder foundation. I like this product when it's actually on my face, it leaves a light natural looking coverage and it's perfect for summer. But getting it actually onto my face is such a faff, it comes in a thick paletted cream that turns to powder on your face, sounds like a good idea, but it turns into powder pretty soon so this is one for fast blenders. It's more manageable if you use your hands to rub it in, working on sections of your face at a time, then going over with a blending brush to finish any bits off. It does come with a brush but it's smaller than a concealer brush so I'm not entirely sure how it's meant to be used for foundation. It'll come in handy for something I'm sure. The packaging I really like, it's a magnetic slide up with a mirrored front, meaning it's perfect for on the go as the slide up won't open accidentally, and the mini brush and mirror can be used for touch ups.
So the application is a downfall. So is the fact that this is NOT a BB cream/tinted moisturiser. As nice and light the coverage is, it's realllllly dry, if you have any dry or dead patches this foundation will find them for you so make sure your skin is moisturised and exfoliated to perfection before putting it on. So yeah, don't expect moisturisation or skin healing goodness from this, it's literally a normal light coverage foundation.

Leave any thoughts in the comment box below please! I read and reply to every single one :) 
Catherine x

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