Beauty Bargain Hunting Take 2

June 22, 2014

My first Beauty Bargain Hunting post was pretty popular and since then I've done some hunting around for you lovely readers and found some more places that I think are great for bargain cosmetics.

1. Make Up Revolution

This is actually a brand not a place to get generally cheap cosmetics. But they do some lovely eye-shadow palettes for such cheap prices I felt they deserved a mention. They've been mentioned frequently in beauty blogs recently but are still fairly underrated and not well known of. For the quality of the products they're fairly cheap, and I love their eye-shadow palettes (some of their Iconic eye-shadow palette range have been dubbed as dupes for the Naked palettes) and they only cost £4 which is amazing!

2. Blog sales

Many of the bigger beauty bloggers out there have a massive collection of products that they don't use and sell off for much cheaper prices than RRP. Obviously the odd product will have been used, or swatched but if you have an issue with this un-used products are often there as well. They can take a bit of searching and luck to get the products you want but it's a great chance to get high end products at an amazing discount.

3. Cosmetics Fairy

This is a new discovery I've found, I'm currently waiting for my first products from there. A similar concept to Fragrance Direct as featured on my last Bargain Hunting post. This tends to sell leftover stock and discontinued ranges. (Essie nail polishes for a fiver anyone?) I personally prefer Fragrance Direct as a discount make-up site but this is definitely a good alternative. 

4. Direct Cosmetics

Yet another discounted make-up site, but probably my least favourite out the 3 as I don't like how there's no sorting options when viewing products (I'm lazy like that). They do most drug store brands and their discounts are about the same as Cosmetic Fairy, I do love their foundation range, which is great if you're pale as they usually have the palest shades in everything which I struggle to find on other discount sites.

As always be careful when buying make-up online, look up swatches etc or try and go to a shop for a look before ordering as often the colours shown online aren't all that accurate.
Let me know in the comments if these are helpful or if you've found some more bargains!

Catherine x

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6 comentarios

  1. Eyes Lips Face is also a really good one x

    1. I've tried a few things from there and I sometimes feel it's a bit hit and miss with them, I like their brush sets and stuff but I haven't tried their beauty stuff in a while so I may have to give them another chance :) x

  2. This is really interesting, Cosmetics Fairy sounds good, I'll have to take a look!
    I've just followed you on bloglovin and would love you to check out my beauty blog, as I'm new here!
    Grace's Beauty Space xox

    1. you really should! go on my other bargain post and there's some more places for you to have a look at! I followed back lovely, us newbies need to stick together! :) xx

  3. Thanks for these links! I'm actually a fan of buying products in physical stores so I can try them, but maybe I could use these links for products I've already tried and loved :)

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    1. Yeah so am I, if I get make-up I usually go and test it in the shop first and then go home and order it online for cheaper, but they do things that I've brought before like Rimmel foundations where I know what shade I am so I use it for that :) xx


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