Hair Experimentation- Take 2

May 30, 2014

So after my success with the Loreal Ombre kit in my last post, I was left pretty disappointed when it faded a lot after I washed it, which I think was due to me not leaving it on as long as I maybe should have.
Being fairly impatient, I went to a friend's house and found the closest Boots, which was a teeny tiny pharmacy which had no ombre kits in sight.
They did however have this:

 Which me and my friend decided to get, because at this point my hair couldn't get any drier and damaged, so why not?! (I definitely don't recommend having this attitude to your hair, do as I say not as I do)
We used a normal hair dye brush because we couldn't find the ombre one sadly, and spent the entire application trying to reassure ourselves that it wouldn't make our hair drop out and we could cut the ends off if it turned out hair bright yellow or anything. It was left on for 25 minutes, and the results were actually pretty good!
This is what my hair looked like before I decided to mess with it:

This is it after the first attempt: 

aaaaand this is what the Garnier Lightener did: 

It actually put my hair in better condition, and lightens it really well! If you have dark dyed hair and want an ombre but are too poor or impatient to go to the hairdressers I would definitely recommend using a lightener to achieve it. The box also includes an anti-brassiness conditioner which although didn't remove all the brassiness, definitely helped it look less orangey. 
Also we put a bit on the ends of my friend's hair to give it a tiny dip dye, she has finer and slightly lighter hair than me and this is what her hair now looks like:

She ended up with no brassiness pretty much which could just be because her hair was lighter to start off with. 
Again- don't try and dye your hair this much in a few days like I did- your hair needs rest and lots of conditioning if you do, but if you really don't know what you're doing then go to a hairdressers and don't risk it.

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2 comentarios

  1. Love your ombre hair! I've aways wanted to go ombre but I'm just scared I won't suit it x

    1. So do I it went much better than expected! You should try it, go to a hairdressers and ask them what they think if you're really worried. If thats too expensive you could always ombre a tiny bit and see how it looks, if it looks rubbish you can just get it trimmed off, if it looks good you can redo it and start blending further up? :) xxx


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