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May 31, 2014

Being a student= very little money to spend without sacrificing food
So I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to finding the cheapest places to buy make-up and other beauty products and I tend to shop around a lot and look at reviews to ensure I'm getting the best possible price. I thought I would try and share my favourite places to look for cheap beauty products.

1. Fragrance Direct-  I want to go!

This was mentioned in my other post which you can see here. But this website is my favourite place to find beauty products and everyone I know who has discovered it is hooked. I especially recommend sorting the items by discount to check if any high end products have been stocked at an insane discount. For example this Dainty Doll powder has £16 off (at the time of writing). 
Too good to be true? I can vouch for the fact that all of the products are genuine (everything I've ordered from there has been, as has everything my friend's have ordered), however the downfall of sites like this is that they don't have a constant stock flow, and you can't always buy the same products at the same prices and sometimes they only have things in very limited shades. It is a case of keep on checking back to see if the stuff you want is in stock and get what you want while you can. 

2. Wilkinsons - since when did they do beauty products?

Wilkinsons often gets a bad rep, and they admittedly don't have a mahoooooosive range (although this depends a lot on the size of the shop) but you can often find most popular brands for a cheaper price than you would at somewhere like Boots. They don't tend to stock many brands of makeup however I did manage to snap up this foundation:
 and this mascara:
for a fiver each when they should have been £8. £3  discount may not seem like much but it the offer was across all Rimmel make-up and the discounts add up if you buy a lot. Offers like this are often run in Wilkinson's but again it often tends to be down to luck depending on what's in stock at the time.

3. Xtras- want to visit?

This is probably me least favourite of the discount make-up sites although they still tend to have decent offers sometimes and often do pay-day offers that allow you to enter a code and get 20% off. If you're into bright eyeshadows and stuff they do the Barry M dazzle dusts but I think the products they tend to sell I don't tend to use that often. 

There's a heap of other discount sites out there that you should look at but I'm always slightly wary of them as there is a lot of scammy make-up out there and copy make-up can be really dangerous to skin, so be careful when testing them out.

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2 comentarios

  1. What a great bargain, I love that Rimmel foundation it's amazing, soooo cheap, xx love the post Bean's Beauty Blog

  2. Definitely, especially for a fiver it's such good value! Thanks for thr comment lovely :) x


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